Hlavička Dr. Miroslav Tedla

Consultation Fees

Consultation and ENT Examination 50 €
Preventive Head and Neck Cancer Consultation 80 €
Specialized Investigation of Swallowing including FEES 80 €
Minor surgical procedure (myringotomy, piercing, lingual frenulum incision, small skin/mucosa lesion removal, nasal bones reposition, nose bleed cautery, lenghty ear wax removal and other) 10 – 200 €
Extended perioperative care As agreed


Specialist Procedure Fees billed in addition to Consultation Fees

Transnasal videoendoscopy of ENT organs with recording and biofeedback as needed 10 €
Tympanometry 10 €
Surgical procedure performed in the hospital The fee is calculated by the hospital where the procedure is going to take place taking into consideration the type of anasthesia and the urgency of the procedure.

Our clinic has no affiliation with insurance providers. Prices may be increased up to 100% in case of an unusually long or difficult consultation. The price can be reduced up to 100% in selected cases.

This list of consultation fees has been agreed by the Healthcare Department od Bratislava Selfgoverning Region on Juty the 7th 2022.